Help for the Ukraine

We are a German organization founded by trauma specialists to help people after traumatic experiences due to natural or man-made catastrophes.  The organization was founded after the catastrophic floods in Germany in July 2021, not knowing that we would face a war in Europe just a short time later.

Now we are also trying to help Ukrainian women and children escape the fighting and find refuge.

After hearing about a Ukrainian mother working in Germany trying to get her 9 year old son out of the war zone, we managed to find food, clothes, blankets, medication and other supplies needed in Ukraine. We drove with the mother to the Ukrainian border.  After 4 days the father and an aunt reached the border. The father had to leave his son with his sister in law and a friend to get him across the border into Poland. Unfortunately the father had to stay behind in Ukraine. When the mother heard that she would not even be able to see him, not knowing if she will ever see him again, she broke down.  Crying and unable to breathe, we were able to comfort her and we all tried focussing on the fact, that her son, her sister and the other mother would cross the border to safety.

At 4:30am on Tuesday we reached Rzesow, Poland near the border. Finally the mother was able to hold her child again. The women were carrying bags and suitcases, holding everything they were able to take with them. Everything else was lost. 

We saw pictures from their hometown being attacked by the Russian army. Their home was destroyed. We saw pictures with dead people on the street. The 9 year old boy saw this all and witnessed the attacks. The other mother had to leave her two sons in Ukraine. Both the sons are just over twenty years old, and now will have to fight against the Russians army.

We were able to take the women and the boy to safety. We help and protect them and try to support them emotionally to cope with their traumatic experiences and worries about their husbands and sons.

We can help the Ukrainian people! Please support us so we can send more busses to pick up refugees, find homes for them in Germany and help them cope with their traumatic experiences:

If you want to donate money send it to:

Systemische Traumapädagogik e.V.

Westerwald Bank eG

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